Dr. Tiffany Martinez

"We have been using Ken and Gina for the past few months, to help us with our insurance billing. We started out with just medical billing and it went very well. There were some insurances that we deal with that were new to them but they took the time to learn what we needed done and how we needed it done for our office and it went great. We have since added their services for our vision plans. They have been willing to help us and learn how we wanted things to be done at every step in the process. Things have gotten much more streamlined now and our aging report is under control. I am very happy with the work that Ken and Gina have done for us and would highly recommend them to others.

— Dr. Tiffany Martinez

"Our aging report was huge with tons of old claims, and it's amazing how quickly SOS was able to turn it around. We have deposits being made nearly daily with the majority being old, some a year old claims that seemed hopeless to get paid on. Best business decision I've made in a long time, just wish I would have done it sooner!"

— Dr. Misty Bauder

Dr. Misty Bauder

Dr. Lesley Brooks

"I learned more about managing my business from Ken at Scott Optometric Solutions than I could have expected. Today, I am much more confident about my future."

— Dr. Lesley Brooks

"Ken has helped us for nearly 5 years. We feel very lucky to have Scott Optometric Solutions, as part of our team."

— Dr. Lisa Greene

Dr. Lisa Greene

"Very few clients have the luxury of a dedicated insurance person. As a result, the accounts receivable includes long lists of unpaid insurance balances. Unpaid balances are the result of poor follow up and incorrectly filed claims. We have had been fortunate to connect with a group that is very knowledgeable in this area. At first we were skeptical of their capability. So we decided to recommend them to a few select clients, to see if this service would help solve these issues. We have received positive feedback and want to introduce you to this company."
— Ivan Samuels, Owner of Optical POS, Inc